Patrick Frost
Lord Kitchner





Patrick Frost - Lead Vocals, Steel Pan, Trombones, Keyboards, Conch Shells

Gerardo Manrique - Guitars

Jim Lucas - Bass Guitar

Carlos Del Toro - Percussion

Shawn Fernandez - Trumpets

Charlie DeChant - Tenor Sax, Flutes

Lyma Dunbar, Charlie Morris, Stan Parnes - Backing Vocals

Patrick Frost
Gilbert O'Sullivan


Patrick Frost - Steel Pan, Piano, Ukulele, Bass and Percussion Samples

Patrick Frost


Originally released in 1997, Cowboys and West Indians was rerecorded for the Freshwater Calypso CD.  The song tells the story of a homesick yankee torn between his love of his new life in the islands and the things he misses from home.


Just an American Boy, lost at sea,

trying to remember whatever prompted me

to leave where I came from and what I am

Like a fish out of water

Like a dissident citizen.

So, I took to the islands of the Caribbean

I was living with the Trinis.

I tried to be a West Indian

But, this yankee heart of mine is growing restless again.

It's time to saddle up my horse and ride into town again.


I played my last game of cowboys and West Indians

form the wagons in a circle.  I'm coming home.

And I'm feel in' so irie as I set out to sea

Time to sail that journey home

Time to sail that journey I'm coming home.


It's been over a year since I sailed from the Keys

Through the Greater Antilles and into Southern seas.

Having so mush fun.  Living bacchanal.

But, I guess I better run. I'm setting sail after Carnival.


And those island ladies.  

They have been so kind to me.

You know they feed me plenty Roti  

and there's one that's kinda sweet on me.

So, it make s a heart wonder should I go or stay,

but I just wanna eat a chili dog and watch a football game.


Sonny Bono
Jerry Riopelle, Stuart Margolin, Tom Reynolds


Tom Reynolds sings his hit song, "Day After Day (It's Slipping' Away)" for my upcoming CD.  

Lalo Schifrin
Jimmy Buffett



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